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10 Tips for Counter-Feet Players

1. Spend at least an hour before the game getting to know the personalities your Counters have chosen for the day.

2. Learn to judge your opponent’s Counters without appearing to examine them closely by engaging your opponent in a topic of conversation that he finds interesting. While he drones on, you can be sizing up the opposition.

3. Make sure you have seven Counters on the board.

4. Do not attempt to play with more than one Kicker. You will regret it later.

5. Do not allow your Runners to become bored and fall asleep, as they are almost impossible to wake up.

6. Make your thinnest Counter the Tunneler, as portly Tunnelers tend to get stuck.

7. Keep bossy Pushers and testy Kickers on opposite sides of the board.

8. Choose a good all-around player for your Spare, one with enough patience to wait until it’s called onto the board.

9. A happy Counter will be less likely to stray, so keep your Counters happy.

10. If a new colony of Counters suddenly takes up residence in your set, do not brag about it, as it will make you unpopular with other Counter-Feet players.