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Septimus’ Physik Chest

Septimus’ Physik Chest

Septimus’s Physik Chest is made from rosewood and lined with gold. It is surprisingly small considering everything it contains, but all is stored neatly on removable trays that slot in one above the other.


  • Physik notebook with Septimus’s own notes and Marcellus Pye’s occasional comments and corrections.
  • Equipment, including among other, things miniature scales, various flasks and pipettes, mortar and pestle, magnifying lens, labels and pens, and phials and bottles of assorted sizes and colors.
  • Basic Substances, including but not limited to beeswax, belladonna, calomel, camphor, chalk, colloids of gold and silver, dandelion (essence), Epsom sales, foxglove (dried), honey, ipecacuanaha, meadowsweet (tincture), oils of cloves, Makassar and vitriol peppermint poppy (tincture).

Please note: Do not attempt to assemble your own Physik Chest without the help of a qualified Alchemist and Physician.


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