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Septimus’ Spell & Charm Guide

Septimus’ Spell & Charm Guide

Rogue Recollections

Required Charm:
The Rogue Recollection Charm, which can be found in the spell book, Magyk Memories

Hold the charm in front of the person whose memories you are altering and recite:

“Whatever your history may be, ‘Tis Lost to you when you see me.
So listen to your new-sprung ways, Remember now your different days.”

Describe the new memories you would like this person to have; be as imaginative as possible. To complete the spell, recite:

“What was your life has gone away, Another past does now hold sway.”

The Preparation of Shield Bugs

Required Charm:
Shield-shaped charms, which can be found in the book Shield Bug Preserves: 500 Charms.

Following the recipe in the above book, stir your mixture into preserve pots. (You will know that the mixture is ready when it smells something like boiled rat and rotten fish.)

Pass the shield charms around the group, so that each member touches it, then put the charm in your first preserve pot. Pop a bug in the same preserve pot, making sure to get the lid on quickly and screw it tight.

Repeat until all your preserve pots contain a bug. Watch and wait as these normal insects become shield bugs! When each bug has stout, armored green wings, and their front are covered in heavy green scales, tap on the jar with the silver hammer found in your spell book.

The bug is then ready for release, whenever you may need it.*

*Do not release your shield bugs until they are needed. It is practically impossible to return them to their jar once released.

Cause Yourself to Be Unseen

Required Charm:
Any of the charms found in the thick paper pocket alongside the “Cause Yourself to Be Unseen” spell found in the book Safety Spelles and Unharm Charms for the Use of the Beginner and Those of Simple Mind.

Imprint the spell by holding your charm close to you and reciting the words written on the charm:

“Let me fade into the aire,
Let all against me know not where,
Let them that seeke me pass me by,
Let harme not reach me from their eye.”

As you recite, it is important to imagine the spell actually happening. Otherwise, it will not work effectively.*

*The first time you do this spell, it won’t last very long and you’ll reappear in a minute or so. After that, with concentration, the spell should last as long as you need it to. If you are a beginner, keep the charm with you for when you next need to do the spell.

Taste Charm

Required Charm:
Thick, brown, square tablet that looks and smells like an old piece of chocolate. These charms are extremely rare and the chances of finding one in a book are slim. Try looking under candlesticks, old books, or down the back of sofas.

Shake charms while reciting this incantation:

“Take Me, Shake Me, And I will Make Thee: Quetzalcoatl’s Tchocotatal.”

Hold the charm until it is very hot, and then place it on the item you wish to turn into chocolate.*

*While turning vegetables into delicious chocolate has saved many a dinner (get all the nutrition with a better taste!), eating through a door that stands between you and freedom is not recommended as the result is usually a horrible stomachache.



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