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Guide to Hatching Dragons

Guide to Hatching Dragons

There are only about five hundred dragon eggs scattered throughout the world, and, while it’s not common for a human to help hatch a dragon egg, the opportunity may arise. If it does, simply follow these steps:

1.    Sustain heat surrounding the dragon egg at a minimum of eighty degrees for at least twenty-four hours.

2.    Keep the dragon eggs supplied with constant warmth for a year and a day (It is recommended that you sleep with the egg under your pillow), providing the sensation of movement for at least eight hours a day.

3.    After a year and a day, the dragon must receive a sharp tap on its shell to wake it up. (Dropping it onto a stone surface from head height should do the trick.)

4.    Finally, provide the dragon egg with a touch of Darknesse, possible methods include:
•    Leaving the egg outside a Darke witch coven’s house overnight
•    Wrapping the egg in a Darke spell at midnight

5.    Your dragon is now ready to hatch!*

*Please note that this guide cannot be held responsible for any untoward events resulting from the use of these instructions. Be prepared!


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