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10 Things to avoid in Marram Marsh

10 Things to avoid in Marram Marsh

1.    Marshfire – flickering lights that will lead you to your doom.

2.    Quake Ooze – like quicksand, only mud.

3.    Brownies – bony fingered creatures with razor sharp teeth. Always hungry. Eat anything.

4.    Water Nixies – sucker pads help them chew through your boat.

5.    Marsh Python – imagine the largest python you possibly can…

6.    Marsh Wraiths – they give off a dank smell as they sing tunelessly on and on.

7.    March Moaners – like Wraiths but still more depressing.

8.    Bogle Bugs – you don’t want to know.

9.    Harr – the impenetrable salt mist which rolls in from the sea.

10.    Boggart Breath – nice as Boggarts can be, their breath is to be avoided.


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